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Peter Babrow

'75, '76 WP Senior Motocross Champion

Springbok Rubber Duck Champion

WP rugby player

WP Judo
"If you seriously want to improve your riding skills in motocross, offroad
or just general riding, spending time at the Dean Hoffman Motocross
Training School is definately the way to go!
Over the years many top riders have benefited with Dean's help.
When i raced in my day, the tracks were very rough, but never had
the big jumps like they have today.When i started riding again five
years ago in my mid 50's, i set myself the goal and offered Dean the
challenge of teaching me to jump some 20 meter table tops,
within six months i had the knowledge and confidence to safely
accomplish it. Thanks Dean!!"
Peter (bike no 27) leading the SA Nationals in 1976, Hammersdale, Natal
Peter jumping a 15 meter table top. Malmesbury, Cape Town. 2007